Know the Consequences of a DWI Conviction

Know the Consequences of a DWI Conviction

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New York state law considers you to be driving while intoxicated (DWI) if you have a BAC level below .08%. If your BAC level is .08% or above, you could be charged with DUI, which is a much more serious offense. Still, a DWI conviction can have a serious impact on your future.

The penalties for a first-time DWI offense in New York include:

  • Fines ranging from $300 to $500
  • Jail sentence of up to 15 days
  • 90-day driver's license suspension

These consequences only get more severe as your number of convictions goes up. For example, a third DWI conviction will result in license revocation for one year. Don't lose your driving privileges-call Deborah J. Blum, Esq. to hire a criminal lawyer today. With her 15 years of legal experience, attorney Blum can help you build a strong case against DWI charges in New York, NY.

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When you retain Deborah J. Blum, Esq. as the criminal lawyer on your DWI case, you can expect unwavering legal support. Attorney Blum will meet with you one-on-one to discuss every last detail of your situation, from the officer's arrest report to the results of your Breathalyzer test. She'll leave no stone unturned. Make an appointment today.