New York City Family Lawyer

New York City Family Lawyer

Deborah J. Blum, Esq. is committed to providing both fathers and mothers with compassionate and reasonably priced services. She is an experienced family lawyer and realistic in her counsel and has achieved great success on behalf of her clients in the wide range of matters that are handled in Family Court. Anyone needing the help of a family lawyer in New York City or the surrounding areas of Nassau, Rockland and Westchester Counties should contact her about their matter. Typically prospective clients feel a sense of ease and get a better understanding of the process once they do.

Named as a Super Lawyer, Rising Star, her advice is often sought as a Legal Commentator on various television and radio programming. Attorney Deborah J. Blum uses the same communication skills to attempt to accomplish your goals and exceed your expectations in Family Court.

Child Custody and Visitation

Attorney Deborah J. Blum and her staff have assisted numerous parents who are trying to fix their custodial and visitation rights to their children. In New York State, there is physical and legal custody and one parent can have each of these rights or they can be shared. It is often the case that parents are before the Court for an extended period of time while these child custody rights are being litigated and decided. The children may be assigned an attorney and having your own attorney help you navigate this and the entire child custody process is extremely beneficial. One parent may be wrongfully trying to deny the other rights to their children and Attorney Deborah J. Blum will come up with a pragmatic approach to combat this.

Child Support

In child support proceedings, the Support Magistrate can ratify an agreement between the parties or Order child support to be paid to the parent entitled to receive support. The Court will apply the standard calculation to the parties' earnings and potentially take into account other factors to set the basic child support amount. In addition, add-on percentages for unreimbursed medical and other expenses may be set and one party will be asked to be the responsible party for the child's health insurance coverage. Parties will be asked to provide financial disclosure and often times this and other concerns are best addressed by counsel.

Grandparent Visitation

New York is one of the few states which allows grandparents to petition for visitation. The Court holds the same standard that the visitation must be in the best interests of the child. Attorney Deborah J. Blum has successfully helped grandparents prove in Court that the children's lives are better with them in it.

Modification Proceedings

Standing Family Court and Supreme Court Orders pertaining to your family can be modified for various reasons. Attorney Deborah J. Blum can help determine if you have standing to modify, prepare and litigate these matters.

Emergency Applications

Sometimes a matter is so urgent, such as when the other parent refuses to return your child to you or when the child's well being is in jeopardy, that immediate Court action and intervention is necessitated. Attorney Deborah J. Blum or another attorney affiliated with her office will take the time to prepare and present emergency petitions.

Family Offense/Orders of Protection

When there is an allegation of criminal wrongdoing by an individual who has a child in common with the other parent, shared an intimate relationship with the other or lives in the same home, they can make an application for a temporary order of protection. The party who has the order of protection against them can attempt to have it dismissed, agree to a final order of protection without an admission of guilt or go to hearing. If someone needs an Order of Protection or wishes to contest one they were served with, Attorney Deborah J. Blum and her staff can assist you.

Neglect & ACS/CPS Investigations

The State can bring an out of court investigation pertaining to accusations of wrongdoing against your child and can also bring the matter into Court. Attorney Deborah J. Blum has successfully assisted clients in having their neglect matters dismissed and working out interim resolutions when the matter is before a Judge. She has gone with clients to the police for questioning to facilitate exonerating them against accusations of physical wrongdoing against their children. If a finding of wrongdoing is made by the State, Attorney Deborah J. Blum and her staff can assist you with your appeal and have had findings overturned.

Grandparents in New York State can petition the Court for visitation and this enables them to establish stronger ties with their grandchildren. Like with visitation proceedings, supervised visitation may at first be ordered and then a visitation schedule without supervision can be established. Parents may wish to fight against this as they and the Court may feel that it is not in the children's best interests.

Guardianship proceedings can be initiated for another family member or qualifying individual to become the legal guardian of a minor. This process can be extensive and having an experienced attorney by your side can ease your concerns.